Performative wood sculptures:

The sculpture is only complete when it is used by a body with which it then forms a body unit. The empty stool sculpture refers to a person who is absent.

This performative sculpture with sculptural drawing is dedicated to the Polish LGBT activists Joanna Gzyra-Iskandar, Anna Prus and Elzbieta Podlesna. They have depicted the icon Black Madonna of Czestochowa on posters with a rainbow colored with a rainbow-colored halo, thus fighting for equality to fight for equal rights. They were accused of for violating religious feelings and were acquitted.
When you sit on this sculpture, you become part of the sculptural drawing.
Material: oak, walnut, photography, partially gilded.
Foto: VN Jaeger © 2019
Foto: VN Jaeger © 2019


For more information about this work: History Channel.


A guide to hole making and the art of queer living


Approx.: 23 cm x 16 cm x 1 cm and H 34 cm x L 44 cm x B 30 cm


Assies instead of selfies:

Persons should sit on this stool sculpture and make a photo trough the hole and give the foto in the book. In this way the book developes and becomes a collection of assies.

Foto: VN Jaeger, Klangkörper, 2016 ❘ © VN Jaeger 2017
Foto: VN Jaeger, Klangkörper, 2016 ❘ © VN Jaeger 2017


Mahagony, oak, larch, stone pine; oiled.

Seat height approx. 42 cm / 17 inch

Approx. 42 cm x 60 cm 41 cm / 17 inch x 24 inch x 24 inch




Performative wood sculpture: sculpture is only complete when it is used by a body with which it then forms a sound body unit.

Human body in the picture: Em Schwarzwald as sound body unit - wearing her works Balbale and Jumpsuit.


Oak, larch, oil paint, pencil.

Seat height approx. 33 cm / 13 inch

Diameter approx. 28 cm / 11 inch



This stool sculpture is inspired by a stool that stood in the parental home - the so-called "African Room" - of James Tiptree Jr. aka Alice B. Sheldon. On the surface is inscribed a quotation from Sheldon's biographer, Julie Phillips, which reads: "Around this time, for reasons unknown, she also underwent removal of the uterus."


Stool-Sculpture made of solid oak and with a carefully hand-cut surface. Finished with several layers of tung oil.


Seat height approx. 45 cm / 18 inch

Approx. 40 cm x 44 cm x 85 cm / 16 inch x 17 inch x 34 inch