Foto  and Sculptures by Vinko Nino Jaeger 2024
Foto and Sculptures by Vinko Nino Jaeger 2024

Performative wood sculptures

Performative wood sculptures based in architecture:

The sculpture is only complete when it is used by a body with which it then forms a body unit. The empty stool sculpture refers to a person who is absent.


By using handtools the body is closer to the wood and engages in a dialog with the former tree.
All joints are made of wood and I do not use metal and plastics.


Material: Poplar, chalk, coal, acrylic paint




Sculpture standing in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia.


Lie down on this bench an listen to the trees.

It depicts a bench you sometimes find in the forest: a thick log laid over the large roots of a tree. In the background are two abstract tree sculptures, which are painted.


I made this sculpture during my artist residency in Bratislava. It was a wood sculpture symposium called TREENCARNATION STROMORODIE SYMPOSIUM 2022  - International Sculpture Symposium and organized by Umelka Gallery.



Foto: VN Jaeger © 2019
Foto: VN Jaeger © 2019


Consisting of the simultaneous performance “Herzschlag” and the interactive chairsculpture with a voice message “Stephan*ie Hollenstein und Kamerad*innen” this performative intervention on the pre-future brings us in touch with the history of the VBKÖ and Stephan*ie Hollenstein - an expressionist painter, Nazi and one of the VBKÖ most important directors during National Socialism.


For more information about this work: History Channel.




Dining chair


As a rocking dining chair the sculpture questions good behavior and eating without fluffing at the dining table.


Still CAPTAI_N ROCKS is a very comfortable dining chair. Due to its curved runners, it minimally adapts to your physical movements and thus provides a high level of comfort while eating.

CAPTAI_N ROCKS is the upbeat edition and further development of my CAPATI_N No.1. As a rocking chair, it is particularly pleasant and has a high seating comfort. 

This sculptural chair is a playful innovation of the captain chairs. Like those captian chairs it has a saddeled seat and a carefully hand-cut surface.


It is available in oak or in the classic English chair woods ash and elm.

Finished with linseed oil. 



Seat height approx. 45 cm / 17,7 inch 

Approx. 47 cm x 74 cm x 82 cm / 18,5 inch x 29,1 inch x 32,3 inch

Developed 2021


Even though the sculptural chairs can be reproduced, each one has a distinctive character and is unique. Slight variations in shape and wood color refer to the manual processing and the specificity of each tree.

Foto: VN Jaeger © 2020
Foto: VN Jaeger © 2020


Draft for a monument

The monument thematizes the Shoa and refers symbolically to a respectful togetherness of people. Special emphasis is placed on the visibility of groups that are not seen as part of the majority society - in this case represented by the Star of David. The title "The city without" is chosen openly and emphasizes the possibilities that are offered to a society, for example, the city can be without prejudice, without refugees, without hate.
The armchair sculpture refers to the film "The City Without Jews" (directed by Hans Karl Breslauer, 1924), which is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Hugo Bettauer (1922). Today, the film is considered worldwide as the first explicit cinematic statement against anti-Semitism.

In memory of 29 Jewish forced laborers, who were
murdered here in February 1945, by representatives of the
Nazi regime.
Nameless but not forgotten.
Resistance is possible.





Your odd leg is your best and three legs are always better than four. A queer stool for a queer life.


This sculptural stool has not only three legs, but also one leg that is different from the others. Made of solid maple. With a carefully hand-cut surface. Finished with several layers of walnut oil.


Seat height approx. 43 cm / 17 inch

Approx. 43 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm / 17 inch x 19,7 inch x 17,7 inch

Developed 2020



A perfect chair to sit and rest outside your cave - or inside of course.


The sculptural chair CAPTAI_N is a playfull innovation of the captain chairs. Like those captian chairs it has a saddeled seat and a carefully hand-cut surface. Finished with several layers of linseed oil. Available in oak, ash or elm.


Seat height approx. 43 cm / 17 inch

Approx. 48 cm x 47 cm x 85 cm / 19 inch x 19 inch x 34 inch

Developed 2019




H 144 x B 74 x L 108               H 56 bis 80 x B 50 bis 70 x L 140




For more information about this work: Buchskulptur


A guide to hole making and the art of queer living


Approx.: 23 cm x 16 cm x 1 cm and H 34 cm x L 44 cm x B 30 cm


Assies instead of selfies:

Persons should sit on this stool sculpture and make a photo trough the hole and give the foto in the book. In this way the book developes and becomes a collection of assies.



Verkehrt - that is what we are. A stool for your queer life. Enjoy it out in the open - after you left the platonic cave.


On this Stool-Sculpture you sit upside down and can rest your hands on the hand-rest. The solid oak of this chair is available smoked or natural.  Finished with linseed oil.


Seat height approx. 43 cm / 17 inch

Approx. 44 cm x 47 cm 85 cm / 17 inch x 19 inch x 34 inch

Developed 2019



You may know the lazy boy chair - the LAZY GIRL is its opposite: no heavy upholstery offendes your eye and bones. Reduced to the essential you can relaxe your mind and rock new ideas.


A chair made to rock and relax after a long day. Comes with a stool to rest your feed on.

With a coffee table by your side you will never feel alone.


With a carefully hand-cut surface. Finished with several layers of linseed oil. Available in oak or ash.



Seat height approx. 46 cm / 18 inch

Approx. 90 cm x 57 cm x 118 cm / 35,4 inch x 22,4 inch x 46,5 inch

Developed 2021



Dimensions approximately H 46cm x B 32cm x T 48cm

H 18 inch x W 12,6 inch x D 18,9 inch

Designed and made in 2021

Signed by hand.



Is your beauty blemished? Then this is the stool for you! With a wart on one leg it questions beauty as a philosophical concept.


Stool-Sculpture with hand carved details. Oil paint and stain from own production.

Made from spruce and beech.


Seat height approx. 40 cm / 16 inch

Diameter approx. 26 cm / 10 inch


Foto: VN Jaeger, Klangkörper, 2016 ❘ © VN Jaeger 2017
Foto: VN Jaeger, Klangkörper, 2016 ❘ © VN Jaeger 2017


Mahagony, oak, larch, stone pine; oiled.

Seat height approx. 42 cm / 17 inch

Approx. 42 cm x 60 cm 41 cm / 17 inch x 24 inch x 24 inch




Performative wood sculpture: sculpture is only complete when it is used by a body with which it then forms a sound body unit.

Human body in the picture: Em Schwarzwald as sound body unit - wearing her works Balbale and Jumpsuit.



Chair for three male identified persons sitting on the same chair and in the same boat.


The three legs of THREE FELLAS are mached by the three spindles of the backrest. The sculptural chair is carved by hand. It is finished with linseed oil. It is available in oak or ash.

Signed by hand.


Seat height approx. 46 cm / 18 inch                                                              

Approx. 45 cm x 45 cm x 82 cm / 17,7 inch x 17,7 inch x 32,3 inch   

Developed 2021


Oak, larch, oil paint, pencil.

Seat height approx. 33 cm / 13 inch

Diameter approx. 28 cm / 11 inch



This stool sculpture is inspired by a stool that stood in the parental home - the so-called "African Room" - of James Tiptree Jr. aka Alice B. Sheldon. On the surface is inscribed a quotation from Sheldon's biographer, Julie Phillips, which reads: "Around this time, for reasons unknown, she also underwent removal of the uterus."