Ways to Wander is intended for anyone who makes, or wants to make, walking art or walk-performances - and for anyone interested in psychogeography, radical walking, drift and dérive.


In 'Walking Ideas' the body walks with words that are to become its own, writing new paths for itself. This is one of 54 poetic invitations from the book 'Ways To Wander'.



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book launch of the publication

Ways to Wander

Claire Hind and Clare Qualmann (Editors)

Friday 24th July 2015 from 6pm - 9pm

at The White Building in the Live Art Development Agency's Study Room, London.

Foto: Ulrike Wewerke
Foto: Ulrike Wewerke



Sluts, beloved girlfriends, (S)exes, love spirals, polyfidele love braids, triangles, families of chains... This book is all about polyamorous life. Relationships have always been more than simple, as a glance at history shows. There are so many alternatives to serial monogamy. 






Foto: VN Jaeger, Painting "Abel Herculine Barbin meets Paradise - mappa mundi", 2014 ❘ © VN Jaeger 2014
Foto: VN Jaeger, Painting "Abel Herculine Barbin meets Paradise - mappa mundi", 2014 ❘ © VN Jaeger 2014

Title:  „Abel Herculine Barbin meets Paradise - mappa mundi“

 Size: 38 x 28 cm

 Material: Ink, watercolour, acrylic, graphit on paper.

 Vinko Nino Jaeger

 Jannuary 5th 2014


Abel Herculine Barbin (1838–1868) was a French intersex person who was treated as a female at birth but was later redesignated a male after an affair in the school of an Ursuline convent and physical examination. He/she later wrote his/her memoirs and committed suicide after experiencing a lot of social pressure due to his/her intersex situation.


Searching for the worldly paradise the irish monk Holy Brendan (6. century) findes a lot of islands. He and his men land on the so called „Treacherous Island“. After spending the night on this island they discover that in fact the island is a sea monster named Jasconius. 

On a world map (mappa mundi) from 1546 by Pierre Descelliers the monks attack Jasconius - although this special „island“ is the island of bliss, full of delights and comforts.


In the lower part of this painting/drawing you see a physiological drawing from Abel Herculine Barbins genitals - made by a physician.


Conceptual portrait. Colonisation of the body. 


Made for and published in

"Queer Tales. QUEER ска́зки", Ed.:  Kyrgyz Indigo. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 2014.

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