Vinko Nino Jaeger with his work 'History Channel'. Foto: Em Schwarzwald and VN Jaeger © 2019
Vinko Nino Jaeger with his work 'History Channel'. Foto: Em Schwarzwald and VN Jaeger © 2019

In my work I move fluently between sculpture, photography, applied arts and the design of stools.

The sculptures and STŌL sculptures are always part of a performance/life and photography is documenting and transforming this.


Anyone who harnesses the creative spirit within is an artist. But the goal is to make life itself an art.

Henry Miller

Jeder, der den Schöpfergeist in sich nutznießt, ist ein Künstler. Das Ziel aber ist, das Leben selbst zu einer Kunst zu machen.

Henry Miller


In the beginn was the wood

The fascination for constructive wood sculpting captured me very early. My first building was a tent-shaped wooden hut, consisting of wooden shingles, built around a large spruce trunk. This was followed by small buildings, furniture and other articles of daily use. The human-like shape of the chair, its sculptural and performative possibilities began to occupy me more and more. Some years ago I decided to put my artistic emphasis on the chair and dedicated my life to it. Since then, more and more armchairs and stools have been made of solid wood. Each chair is a joyful celebration of functional sculpture, which finds its completion in the use by man (or cat). I share my passion for sculptural art by teaching at the Kunst VHS and Sigmund Freud Private University. 


On the way

Studies of object sculpture with Julian Göthe and Pawel Althamer and contextual painting with Ashley Hans Scheirl at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as well as wood restoration. Degree: Mag. art.


Studies of philosophy and psychology at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg. Degree: Mag. phil.

What drives me



I make body and spatial art. For example, I modify a house that is over 100 years old - with my body, by hand, without the use of electrically supported tools or machines. This physical way of working is about the body inscribing itself into the interior design, as abruptly as possible. The body writes itself into the material through its physical and mental movements. The body is involved in the process of shaping and surface design, the body's reflections are reflected in the shaped material, in the lived space.


This sculptural work also has a performative character, regardless of whether it is bound to the space or - in the sense of the german word origin of „Möbel“(furniture) is mobile, because only when one or more people perform with the works are they complete. All my works come from the body and are made for the body/bodies. Only through their use, in conversation, in being together with bodies, the artistic works become whole.


My work - in the sense of Aristotle - is about a poetry of the body, which finds its application in interior design (bound to the room e.g. wall drawing or mobile e.g. sound bodies), Nazi history (e.g. Fathomizing Memory) and the body's confrontation with its environment (e.g. Wildes Fleisch).


Most frequently used techniques: Wood and stone sculpture, photography, audio and video art, writing, performance.


Related bodies: George Nakashima, walking artists, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Jean Touret, Gregor Eichinger, Maria Lassnig, Wille Sundqvist, David Pye, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Roland Barthes, Ingeborg Bachmann, Elfriede Jelinek, Olga Neuwirth, Ashley Hans Scheirl.



Artistic duo VN Jaeger & Schwarzwald with Helga Em Schwarzwald - partner and counter spirit.



IG bildende Kunst


Visit us at our artist run Gallery STŌL: Thursday 11am - 7pm.

Closed on holidays.

Neustiftgasse 48 Corner Neubaugasse, 1070 Vienna.